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after years of research and study, combined with Japan, and Korea, Beijing, Shanghai and other countries and regions advanced management experiences and models of, country comes drunk driving new rules, approved by the State administration for industry and commerce, Wuxi chauffeur Services Ltd was formally established for a long time, the main services: wine generations drive, a business driver, tour driver, long distance driving.
Wuxi long generation driving service limited for guarantee service security and quality, service center each bit generation driving Division are after strictly selected, training and assessment, has years driving age, and on high-end car driving has rich of practice experience, Wuxi long generation driving, and Wuxi generation driving, and Wuxi generation driving company, and Wuxi generation driving price, and Wuxi generation driving costs, and Wuxi generation driving phone, and Wuxi formal generation driving company, and Wuxi wine offspring driving, and Wuxi tourism generation driving, and Wuxi business generation driving, and Wuxi long driver of each driver safety training and etiquette training, and make guests feel our quality chauffeur service. Wuxi
chauffeur service company for a long time, since its inception, always adhere to the "warm heart, professional norms, pragmatic and responsible, high quality and affordable" services philosophy, for public safety escort, to "make every valued customer feel comfortable, at ease for the purpose. With excellent driving skills, qualified price, quality service to win the market. At present, the Centre has won the trust of customers, business has been developing rapidly, with drivers nearly, outlets across the main city districts, have both government organs, enterprises and institutions, hotels, large hotels, large units such as KTV hundreds, occupying the driving industry-leading position in Beijing, Beijing has become the driving industry leader. ”

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