Drunk driving death common drinkers have accountability?

According to reports, Li and Liu an, Xiao Mou, some nine people are working with migrant workers. On January 11, 2012, nine people were drinking together, during which Lee drank half a pound of white wine. Lee driving their own car and two people go back, in a traffic accident on his way home, others died.
Lee wife Shi found Lee drinks table with eight workers to discuss compensation matters, eight dinner we meant no harm drink per capita, Li is also to discourage drinking, and the dinner is at the end Lee offered to drive a and a, it should not be liable. Effects of a claim without success, in August 2012, Lee's family lawsuit required eight General compensation for economic loss.
Court view that Lee is a person with full civil capacity, should be watchful of the danger of drunk driving. Accused eight people knowing Lee drove the party, but in the process of drinking is not effective to dissuade them, in violation of common drinker's obligation to take care of each other, eight's liability for a death 20% Lee. Liu and a knowing Lee drinking still allow it to drive them home, and allowed the drive home alone, the liability of the two should be greater than the other six. In November 2012, the Court made a verdict, Xiao Mou of six of the accused one-time compensation for relatives of more than 28,000 yuan, Liu and a one-time compensation of more than 10,000 yuan.

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