NPC recommendation: specification of wine as soon as possible future generations drive

On March 10, the NPC deputies, CPPCC Vice-Chairman Wu Xiufeng recommendation: specification descendants wine drive as soon as possible.
Wu Xiufeng introduced, due to lack unified industry standard and regulatory system, "generation driving" breeding various risk hidden gradually highlights: a is generation driving company no legal of behavior subject, most generation driving company cannot in business sector registered registration; II is generation driving service of charges lack according to, some according to km billing, some according to time billing; three is no unified of contract text, are is a paper agreement, and signed agreement Shi some owners has drunk; four is if appeared traffic accident, Liability judgment, there is no legal basis.
Wu Xiufeng called for Government-led investigation, subject to local regulations set the driver service operations of administrative license, clearly its principal qualification, chauffeur service personnel qualification standard industry access. BACK

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