"Drinking and driving" hit, a maximum sentence of the death penalty?

Drinking and driving is generally discretionary circumstances of a heavier punishment, shall be given a heavier punishment. According to the Supreme People's Court on specific application of laws in criminal cases of causing traffic problems of interpretation of provisions of the traffic accident caused by more than one person seriously injured, held wholly or mainly responsible, and drunk driving, convicted and punished the crime of causing traffic casualties. In this case, drunk driving has been to decide whether convicted constitutes a crime plot. According to the Supreme People's Court on drunken driving crime legal advice on the application of the provisions of, the perpetrator knew drinking and driving will endanger public safety law, drunk driving, ignoring laws drunk driving, especially in the collision continued to drive after the accident, causing heavy casualties, according to law should be convicted and punished the crime of endangering public security by dangerous methods, legal punishment is imprisonment of at least ten years, life imprisonment or the death penalty. BACK

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