Chauffeur businesses

Business driver

Refer to customers as taking part in various kinds of business activities, entertainment, sightseeing tours, or don't have the energy to drive because of the hard work from the driving Centre offers a service drivers.
Hotel driver price list
miles       price
200 km   200 Yuan (4 hours)
300 km   350 Yuan (8 hours)
1, the above fees do not include tolls, bridge tolls, fuel and driver's room and Board fees.
2, more than an hour to 50 Yuan service charge.
3, one-way billing, customer is required to pay the driver the return bike (to train hard as a standard)
4, such as the need for the night, customers need to provide accommodation for drivers, detachable counted cash: stay 80 Yuan/night/person, meals: 30 yuan/meal/person BACK

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