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Long distance driver

Refer to customers as far road complex, fatigue, novice is difficult to cope with, because the driving Centre offers a wide range of driver's driving customer traffic from local to remote (provinces) of a service. Price list

long distance driving mileage   one-way dual
300--500 km   150/100 km   100/100 km
500--1000 km   120/100 km   90/100 km 100/100 km away from
1000 km    80/ 100 km (to + from the cumulative number)
1, a long-distance driver within the specified service range, above the price charged for services.
2, a long-distance driver points one way and two way (round trip) in two forms, one way chauffeur clients pay drivers the return travelling expenses, (to train hard and long distance bus fares as the standard).
3, long distance chauffeur clients make an appointment in advance with this formula, signed driver agreement 30% chauffeur service fees in advance.
4, long distance driving 100 km/h time of service over time or due to customer reasons, resulting in normal continuous driving of their drivers, customer benefits drivers of loss of charge 200/8 hours or 30 km/h.
5, a long-distance driver toll occurred during refueling and drivers accommodation costs are borne by the agent driving the customer, customers can also be split into cash-paying drivers. (Accommodation with 80 Yuan/night/person, meals 30 yuan/person/meal)
6, prices listed above limited sedan/Coupe, (11 over) bus, large passenger cars based on price floating 30%. BACK

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