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Talent recruitment
Talent recruitment
Sharp increase in the volume of business of the company, hiring part-time drivers
number: 50-200 people
1, male, aged 20-50 years.
2, the actual driving experience at least 3 years, has no record of accidents in recent years. With C1 and above documents, familiar with the hand, automatic transmission vehicles, high in the car has a wealth of experience.
3, compliance with the People's Republic of China on road traffic regulations and rules and regulations relating to traffic safety.
4, middle, or secondary education.
5, in Wuxi local, familiar with the roads in the downtown.
6, being stable, without language barriers.
7, compliance management, strong sense of work ethic, can adapt to night work.
8, according to the dress, card, certificate.
9 to register, providing identity cards driving original and copy submitted.
10, providing immediate family living in the downtown of Wuxi as the emergency contact person and provide a phone number to verify.
11, to attend services organization driving skills and service skills service awareness training. And pass an evaluation test before they can post.
job responsibilities:
1, a drunken driver, a business driver, long distance driving, travel and chauffeur, wedding chauffeur and so on.
apply for:
1, direct it to the Service Center for an interview;
2, working a live interview;
3, please bring 2 one-inch photos, ID cards, driver's license, Android mobile phone one of the original (working position);
interview: every day, from 9 o'clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the afternoon, over the holidays

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